Signator Investors, Inc.'s Women Advisors Network hosts first 'SWAN' forum in Chicago

November 13, 2017

Organization designed to support women financial advisors, and better serve growing market of women investors, celebrates 2-year anniversary

CHICAGONov. 13, 2017 - Signator Investors, Inc. celebrated the second anniversary of the launch of the Signator Women Advisors Network (SWAN) with its inaugural SWAN forum, held recently in Chicago. The network was formed to provide targeted support to Signator's women financial advisors, and to help better serve the growing market of women investors.

"I believe it's the consistent willingness of our advisors to share best practices, and support the growth and success of each other, that makes SWAN initiatives like the forum so successful," said Caron Scorpio, AVP Marketing at Signator, and co-founder of SWAN. "The forum is one initiative that is part of Signator's overall commitment to supporting the growth - and recognizing the achievements - of our current and future women advisors."

The SWAN forum was held as part of Signator's annual Practice Advancement Conference (PAC), and drew leading women advisors from around the country for a full slate of workshops, panel discussions, presentations and relationship-building exercises.

One who was favorably impressed with the forum was Signator Investors financial advisor Christina Nash of Knox Grove Financial, LLC: "Our team arrived ready to seek out those best practices that we felt we needed to improve upon. Our peers did not let us down," she said. "We walked away inspired and full of ideas."

And Alice Tang, vice president of the Signator firm BPG Wealth Management, LLC, added, "At our SWAN Forum, our candid sharing of knowledge and experience, and our interactive discussions were converted into collective wisdom that benefited our participants. I see a bright future where our Signator female advisors come to the table, not to compete with male advisors, but complement each other - so both our clients and our industry win."

About Signator Investors, Inc.
Signator Investors, Inc. is a dual-registered broker dealer/investment adviser with a national network of independent firms and more than 2,000 financial professionals across the U.S. A leader in the financial services industry having the stability and scale to offer an innovative business model, Signator gives entrepreneurial financial professionals the power to effectively build unique businesses, based on their own vision and market opportunity. For more information on Signator Investors, Inc. and its national network of independent firms, visit

About the Signator Women Advisors Network (SWAN)
The Signator Women Advisors Network provides women advisors with resources and opportunities for business and professional growth, recruiting support, and tools to help attract the next generation of female advisors to Signator, and a forum to recognize the many accomplishments of its women advisors. In addition, the network offers resources relating to serving the needs of women clients.

Ten of Signator's leading women advisors form the advisory committee and meet on a regular basis to drive the guidance, support and services offered by the network. Any Signator advisor can be a member of the Signator Women Advisors Network. Members are part of a community invested in using the resources available and sharing their own ideas and suggestions.


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