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June 2, 2017 By Signator Investors

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As one of Signator's most successful advisors, Jennifer knows what it takes to be at the top of her game every day. She was recently recognized in Modern Luxury's Angeleno magazine as one of the "Dynamic Women of Los Angeles". When asked about appearing in Angeleno, Jennifer says that although she didn't know where it would lead, she felt it was a wonderful opportunity to get exposure throughout the greater Los Angeles area, especially within the more affluent communities. That hunch paid off and has led to more recognition and opportunities including a piece on her philanthropic work in Modern Luxury's Charity & Social Datebook, a photo shoot with her four children in a special Modern Moms promotion in Angeleno and an upcoming article their Power Players issue.

We recently caught up with Jennifer to find out more about what she feels contributes to her success.

What key factors do you think have contributed to your overall success?

My business has expanded over the last five years in both assets under management and insurance cases, largely due to the work and support of my great team and the referrals I receive from the centers of influence and strategic alliances that I've established over the course of my career. Setting goals is a driver for me - as in previous years, my goals are to qualify as one of the top 10 for ACE and to grow my overall business by 20%.

Do you have a niche market(s) and if so, how do you address their unique needs?

I have several niche markets including retirees, business owners, attorneys, doctors, widows, and young professionals and I know how important it is to understand their needs and concerns and be able to address those in a meaningful way. For example, I work with a lot of very sophisticated, self-directed investors. By studying and researching individual stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds on a regular basis, I can talk to them about their portfolio in more detail and many times, will be able to manage their accounts.

How do you ensure your customers' experiences are positive and that you are staying connected with them?

I know that one of my strengths is the high level of responsiveness I provide. Clients know they will get the fastest service 24/7, partly because of me checking my email until 1-2am every night! My clients appreciate that I work with my team to get things done quickly and competently.

I've been invited to several events hosted by some of the publications that I've been working with and I usually invite clients to these events. I also invite clients to some of my personal gatherings, such as kids' birthday parties, wine and cheese fundraising events, and various charitable functions. I find that holding smaller group events allows you to spend more time with each client and is a great way to strengthen relationships.

What do you think is one of the biggest concerns or challenges facing investors today?

One of the biggest concerns that investors face is the fear of getting in at the top of the market. I try to help clients understand that not every sector is at the high, and by having a diversified portfolio, they can reduce a lot of these types of risk. I encourage them to add money in different increments and dollar cost average into their portfolio so they can invest during dips and not invest all at once. I also advise them look at the total aggregate return of their entire portfolio, and not just focus on one asset allocation or strategy.

Who were the people that influenced you in your early career and what wisdom would you pass on to those interested in doing the same?

Like many associates in my office, I've looked up to Brian Holmes, the Managing Partner, since the beginning of my career. He was always (and still is) one of the leading advisors at Signator, and is a great role model for new advisors. I also had the opportunity to work with many successful advisors when I started out, taking parts of the various styles that make them successful to develop my own style of presenting and being in front of clients.

As in any business, it takes a lot of time and patience to develop a clientele and obtain the knowledge that clients will value and trust. It's always best to get in front of as many people as possible to continually gain experience. These experiences will build up over time and the learning that comes out of each meeting will make you that much wiser. Whether you choose this business or something else, the most important thing is that you must love it... the passion you have for your work will show up every day in what you do, and that will translate to excellent client service.


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