About Us


Signator Investors, Inc. is an independent broker-dealer serving over 2,000 independent financial professionals in over 900 branch offices across the U.S. With a diverse product platform including a comprehensive range of investments and advisory offerings, Signator helps independent financial professionals provide exceptional resources in meeting client's needs. And with a wealth of resources to support business and professional development, Signator gives entrepreneurial financial professionals the power to effectively build their businesses, based on their own vision and market opportunity.

Why Build Your Financial Services Business With Us?

Combining ownership in your business with the resources to help grow and protect your practice and the platforms to assist your clients in achieving their financial goals. Including:

  • A diverse wealth management platform featuring advisory offerings
  • Practice management and sales consulting team to help prepare your business for upcoming regulatory changes
  • Commitment to partnering with you
  • Succession planning program that includes a practice valuation, continuity plan, and succession plan templates, and financing support if you are interested in buying or selling a practice

How We're Different

Running your business the way that's right for you! Focused on growing your practice through the various Signator resources and benefiting from the value you build. If this sounds like the partnership you'd like to have, then Signator Investors, Inc., is the place for you.



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