Affiliation Options

With multiple affiliations options, Signator provides different levels of support depending on your business model. You are able to customize your affiliation level based on the resources you need to build and support your business.

Solo Practitioner:

If you're an advisor that wants to focus exclusively on your clients and building your business - and don't necessarily want to deal with a lease or setting up your own office - this option may be right for you. With our Housed Full Service option, your local firm will provide you with support in the following areas: business-processing, compliance and supervision, training, case consultation, access to a full range back office infrastructure, and office space if needed.

Advisor Team:

If you're an advisor or a producer group that is interested in building a team, Signator can provide the necessary resources by leveraging proven templates and best practices from existing teams including job descriptions, compensation models, employee contracts, and continuity documents. We understand that building a team allows advisors to create lasting businesses that serve multiple generations of clients. This affiliation option also allows you to access the support of a regional firm to help build and grow your team, and the backing of an independent broker-dealer willing to invest and provide the resources to build a multi-generational business.

Associate advisor:

If you are a new financial advisor looking to build your business while collaborating with experienced advisors, this affiliation option may be right for you. We have advisors and firms that are looking to grow their teams, and the associate advisor affiliation is a great opportunity for you to be part of a team, build a business, and contribute to a growing firm that leverages technology and is strategically positioned for growth. Potential opportunities for acquisition and/or succession plans may exist in certain situations.

Firm Owner:

Are you firm owner who is looking to find a long-term home for your firm, advisors, and clients? Signator partners with independent firms by providing the resources you need to run your business, allowing you to keep your independence and equity ownership. As a firm owner, you will receive dedicated supervision and compliance support to protect your business, access to innovative technology, leading product providers, and a diverse wealth management platform to help you continue to grow.


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