Three Techniques to Keep the Momentum Up Year Round

August 11, 2017 By Signator Investors


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Regardless of the industry, keeping employees motivated and committed to established goals can be a challenge for any manager. As a leader, knowing how to keep everyone inspired and engaged is critical to creating a positive environment where people thrive year-round.

I’ve found that communication and collaboration are key to meeting this challenge, especially with today’s blended workforce that includes employees working in remote offices. Frequent communication of company-wide strategies and feedback received on a regular basis go a long way in maintaining momentum and energizing your organization. Following are three areas we are focusing on at Signator that can be used across any workplace.

1. Meet regularly with team leaders to share, strategize, and align

As part of our overall strategy to foster communication and collaboration, all of our team managers meet monthly to share updates on progress towards goals and recap the projects that are being worked on by other areas of the organization. The managers are then tasked with disseminating what they learn in those meetings to their respective teams. This management team is also developing and refining meaningful performance measures to identify gaps in processes and skill sets with the goal of increasing the proficiency and effectiveness of our firm and our employees.

2. Provide feedback to ensure quarterly, monthly and annual goals are on track

It’s easy to get caught up in short-term, pressing initiatives and lose sight of goals set back in January. Providing feedback more often than just during formal annual/semi-annual reviews can help keep associates focused and engaged. Meeting weekly with each team member provides an opportunity for managers to “check in” and ensure that everyone understands how the work they do, or projects they work on contribute to overarching business goals.

3. Create a dynamic office culture with a focus on team spirit initiatives

Since this is the season of nice weather, it is a great time to reinvigorate employees with team outings and spirit initiatives. Providing occasions for employees to get together and celebrate successes with after work activities and recognition of team or employee milestones creates an enthusiastic atmosphere and fosters camaraderie. This past year, my office has also been actively “socializing” our team by celebrating days like International Women’s Day and Red Nose Dayand effectively showcasing our office activities on social media.

What are you doing to challenge every person in your organization to do their best work, lead, and help drive change? I’d love to hear your techniques in the comments below.



Chris Maryanopolis is President of Signator Investors, Inc.

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