• What is the relationship between Signator Investors, Inc. and John Hancock?

    Signator Investors, Inc. is a broker-dealer serving 2,000 financial professionals in over 30 branch offices across the U.S., collectively known as the John Hancock Financial Network.

    With an open product platform including a comprehensive range of investment and protection products from leading carriers, Signator helps financial professionals meet their clients' needs. And with a wealth of resources to support business and professional development, Signator gives entrepreneurial financial professionals the power to effectively build unique businesses, based on their own vision and market opportunity. Representatives have the ability to brand themselves with a unique name or as a member of John Hancock Financial Network.

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  • Where are your offices located?

    Signator's Home Office is located in Boston, Mass. However, there are over 30 OSJs and 350 detached offices across the country, allowing you to affiliate with a local firm that is part of a national network.

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  • What products do your advisors offer?

    At Signator, you can take advantage of our open product platform that includes a comprehensive range of investment, advisory, and protection products from leading carriers to help meet your clients' needs.

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  • What resources do you have to help me transition to Signator Investors, Inc.?

    At Signator, we understand the challenges advisors face when changing broker-dealers. Throughout the entire process, our dedicated team of specialists will help ensure a smooth transition while allowing you to stay focused on servicing your clients with minimal disruption.

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  • Does Signator Investors, Inc. offer any applications that allow me to centralize client reports and data?

    Signator's state-of-the-art technology platform allows you to utilize a wide range of proprietary systems and leading industry software. Our electronic fact finder enables you to collect client information online, and it integrates seamlessly with our needs analysis and account opening software. Other systems such as eMoney and Albridge help aggregate client data and provide consolidated reports, allowing you to stay focused on providing the highest level of customer service to your clients.

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  • How much insurance do I have to sell to qualify for benefits and conferences?

    While we believe insurance is an important part of a client's overall financial picture, we understand that some professionals focus on other products. There are no product or company specific requirements to qualify for benefits or conferences. At Signator, we allow you to build your business the way you want, and work with those companies and products that are in the best interests of your clients.

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  • What are the qualifications and benefits of the Top Producer Program?

    Signator honors leading financial professionals and advisors across our national network through the Achieving Client Excellence ("ACE") Recognition Program. Qualification is determined by your ranking among your peers. Benefits include access to:

    • Business Valuation-Understand your practice's current value and uncover opportunities for future growth.
    • Business Health Check-Assess your business's overall health and the areas where you can make improvements.
    • Valued Customer Survey-Learn about your business from a client perspective.
    • Staff Survey-Evaluate your relationship with your staff.
    • Coaching-Develop and implement an action plan to achieve your unique business vision.
    • Product sales and practice management support.

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  • How can I find out how much my practice is worth?

    Part of our proprietary Equity and Succession program is a comprehensive business valuation analysis that provides you with: 1) your practice's current value, and 2) opportunities for future growth so that you can fully realize the value of what you've created while ensuring your clients are well taken care of.

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  • How is Signator Investors, Inc. keeping up with the regulatory and compliance changes?

    In today's increasingly complex regulatory environment, Signator's compliance and supervision teams are proactive in helping to protect your brand while you focus on working with your clients. Our support structure allows you to utilize a combination of local and national industry, legal, and compliance experts who understand your business and will work with you to help protect what you've built for your clients.

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  • Can you help me find a successor for my practice?

    Yes. At Signator, our Equity and Succession program combined with Financial Models and a vast national network of financial professionals makes it easier than ever to value your practice and find a successor – all while helping ensure your clients are well cared for, now and in the future.

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  • What types of support can you provide to an independent agent?

    At Signator, your practice is built by you but backed by local and national resources to help move your practice forward. Our marketing, back office, compliance and technology support allows you to stay focused on meeting the needs of your clients, while providing help when you need it.

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  • What are the benefits of affiliating with an independent broker-dealer?

    Whether it's our affiliation models, flexibility, branding options or open product architecture, Signator allows you to build your own practice your own way while providing the highest level of service and support to your clients.

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