Signator Women Advisors Network

The Signator Women Advisors Network (SWAN) is a powerful community of financial professionals that recognizes the positive impact women advisors make in the financial services industry. SWAN advisors get the conversation going around client success stories, new practice management ideas, and investment topics for women. It’s where we raise awareness and educate others on how to elevate all women and their finances. Collaboration and inspiration are essential to empowering each other, and the SWAN community is where you'll find a passionate group of Leaders Inspiring Success.





How the Network Works for You

Soon-to-be celebrating a 50-year anniversary, Signator provides you and your practice with the core support and resources you need to manage the financial wealth and health of your clients:

  • Collaboration - a cohesive community for thought leadership, sharing best practices and experiences. Receive invitations to events such as the SWAN Leadership Forum, monthly enlightenment calls and other opportunities to share advisor insights throughout the year.
  • Recruiting for Talent - Hiring the right people can make all the difference for your firm or practice. Whether you're ready to expand or looking to build a large team, we provide support for your on-boarding and recruiting efforts.
  • Supporting Your Practice - A dedicated team of practice management and sales consultants are in place to help you to manage your time effectively and find the right solutions for your clients.
  • Protect and Realize Growth -  At every stage of your career we encourage you to identify your business value and keep the momentum going. Our Build4Success equity and succession platform offers clear strategies to guide you through the process of realizing your business value.

2018 "Leaders Inspiring Success" Advisory Committee

Carri Berger Christina Nash
Sue Ellis Jessica Porter
Thera Engle Alice Tang
Cindy Gretschmann Julia Brufke Wenger
Melissa Lorenz  


International Women’s Day

The theme this year challenges us to press forward and progress gender parity by motivating friends, colleagues and our communities to think, act, and be gender inclusive.

At Signator, we posed the question, What does gender equality look like to you?

Opportunity Knocks

There are significant opportunities for women entering or already working in the financial services industry. Most women have joint or full responsibility for making family financial decisions. Over the coming years, a substantial amount of wealth is expected to transfer to women yet many do not have a wealth transfer strategy in place. Financial advisors have an extraordinary opportunity to help women take control of their finances and investments and preserve family wealth. Additionally, it is projected that over the next three decades the "great wealth transfer" of $30 trillion in assets will be passed down from the baby boomer generation to their heirs1. This shift further emphasizes the need for female financial advisors who can understand and empathize with a younger generation of investors, allowing for a more personalized and customized approach to their finances.


View the infographics below for the facts.

Women & Business - Let's Keep the Momentum Going

Women & the Workforce - Let's Change the Numbers

Millennial Finances - Why the Gender Gap?

Women and Financial Services - Opportunity Knocks


American Business Women’s Day

Caron Scorpio, AVP of Marketing and Communications, speaks about the importance of recognizing the accomplishments of the millions of women in the workforce.

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